L.E.D. Sign Conversions

For energy and maintenance savings converting your sign to L.E.D. lamps is the way to go. Whether your sign is a fluorescent cabinet or neon channel letters, we have the solution that is right for you. Converting to L.E.D. will make your sign brighter, use less energy and save you money on reduced maintenance costs. Give us a call today to get pricing on your sign conversion.

The letter ‘S’ is neon and the letter ‘C’ is L.ED.

L.E.D. lamps in cabinet signs.

Fluorescent sign converted to L.E.D. lamps.

Neon channel letter sign converted to L.E.D. modules.

Before and after picture of conversion from neon tube to L.E.D. modules.

Updating your sign from old L.E.D. modules to new modules will greatly increase the brightness of your sign.